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The Power Of Colour

The power of colour

Now that Spring is here, well on paper anyway, it’s a time of the year, when we traditionally think about spring cleaning our homes, refreshing our décor and perhaps updating our existing furniture.

The bulbs begin to bloom, and as they do, colour enters our life in more ways than one.


It was whilst working on my most recent commission, on a rather grey rainy English day, that I found myself thinking about colour and how much it affects our mood and well-being.


It was no surprise to me that the red variations of the spectrum of colours, which include red, orange and yellow, elicit feelings of warmth and relaxation and blue spectrum colours, which contain blue, purple and green, elicit feelings of peacefulness and calm.


Several ancient cultures have even practiced the art of chromotherapy or the use of colours to cure and promote healing, including the Egyptians and Chinese.




  • Red relieves sore muscles, aches and pains
  • Orange heals the body and invigorates the mind
  • Yellow strengthens the immune system and relieves indigestion
  • Indigo clears thoughts and taps into your intuition
  • Pink decreases aggression
  • Teal promotes mental relaxation
  • Green is healing for the heart, soul and body
  • Blue combats anxiety and promotes communication

Perhaps the coral colour I was painting with was giving me the energy boost my body needed that particular cold and rainy day?


It certainly got me thinking and researching a little more into the whole subject of chromotherapy, and it made me realise that we could very easily use this ancient therapy within our homes.

So which colour do you think would benefit your health, wellbeing and your home?


An interesting notion isn’t it, how switching up your paint colour, or refreshing your furniture could be the Spring refresh you didn’t realise you needed.

Like to know more?  Feel free to contact me for a deeper insight or to discuss a Spring refresh within your home.  Issyx


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